SlowpitchJul 30, 2014

Anchorage Sports LCS Tourney results

SlowpitchJul 28, 2014

State and City Tourneys 101


This Tuesday is the deadline for signing up for this weekend’s Coed State tourneys: Coed Comp in Anchorage at Cartee Coed C in Anchorage at AnchorTown Coed D in Fairbanks at Hez Rey Here are some pointers for this weekend’s Coed State, next weekend’s Anchorage City tourneys and the following two weekends of Men’s & Women’s […]

SlowpitchJul 21, 2014

Mug shot results

SlowpitchJul 8, 2014

Hey Roster! Discount Double Check!


July 15th is the deadline for adding a player to your roster and having them be eligible for Alaska ASA City and State Tourney play. That means it’s also a great time to double check your roster at your local association and make sure everyone is signed up AND paid. We’ve directed a lot of state […]

SlowpitchJul 7, 2014

No glove, lost love


There seems to be a rash of lost gloves the past few weeks and as we all know bats and just about everything else people throw into their bags can be replaced or upgraded but gloves are a very personal item.  Here’s a story about Washington Nationals  outfielder Jayson Werth’s love affair with Betsy, his Rawlings Trap-eze. We’re also reminded of […]

SlowpitchJul 7, 2014

Kenai Firecracker results

SlowpitchJul 7, 2014

Seward Tourney results

SlowpitchJul 7, 2014

July Magic Results

SlowpitchJun 26, 2014

Anchorage Men’s Tourney Brackets


Here are this weekend’s brackets, both are one day tourneys starting at 9am, the men’s Comp has a 9:50 pm IF game Saturday… MensComp Invite(66.0 KiB) MensC Invite(58.9 KiB)

SlowpitchJun 25, 2014

July 4th Tourneys


It’s that time of year, your team needs to decide where they want to go to play over the Fourth of July weekend. Unfortunately, this year none of the tourneys are allowing Comp teams but that means more spots for C/D teams, here’s a look at the tourneys: July Magic Tournament – in Valdez Teams: […]

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